Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Little Motivation and the Latest Handiwork

I was talking to one of my daughters on the phone about motivation and getting things done. She just moved to a new home and is starting a new job soon and is finding things a little overwhelming. I live where even the guys on "This Old House" wouldn't dare to tread and sometimes I'm not sure where to start either. So we made a pact that we'd write to each other with some goal and what we accomplished for the week. This past week my major accomplishments were cleaning my walk in pantry and some kitchen shelves that were in need of attention, plus I finished up the sign and posted it in my Etsy sign shop. The basket is the primitive wall basket that I finished up earlier in the week (and finally the promised picture)  I have my new list now, which includes wading through some files and paperwork. NOT my favorite. Plus I've been getting lots of exercise and it's paid off.
She started her new job and sounds like she's learning lots of new stuff and loving it. Think I'll give her some slack and check next week on how the projects at home are coming along.


jennifer robin said...

Love your tote bag and your Baskets!! Did you embroider that bike riding lady yourself?

Connie Alderden said...

Thanks! As far as the bag, it was an iron on transfer made with a graphic from the graphics fairy blog.